4 Enthralling Monsoon Honeymoon Destinations

August 6, 2017




The thought of a honeymoon during the monsoons can be exhilarating. The pattering rains, the wet smell of earth and your special someone next to you, add more than a dash of love and romance to your honeymoon. In India, there are several places you can visit for a monsoon honeymoon. Here is our pick of the top 4 – in no particular order.


1. Serene Coorg


Coorg, which is known for its natural beauty is an amazing honeymoon destination in India. It attracts newlyweds during monsoon when the forests come to life. You can enjoy a trek in the lush green valleys or simply sit by the River Cauvery to enjoy the sight of gushing waters amid the serene atmosphere. A trek at the Unchalli Falls and Iruppu Falls can be rejuvenating.

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2. Enchanting Goa



When you think of Goa, the first thought that comes to your mind are the beaches. But there is a lot more to the place than sand, surf, and the sun. Interestingly, the monsoon is the best time to fly to Goa. You can avoid the tourists and explore the place at a leisurely pace. You can take a lengthy siesta or a rainy walk on the beach. In the monsoons, the Dudhsagar Falls are a must-visit. It is one of the most stunning natural phenomena in Goa.

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3. Picturesque Shillong



Shillong in Meghalaya is another place that ought to be visited in monsoons. It is a charming hill station with a rich colonial history. As you set out on your way for a rendezvous with the clouds, delicate drops of a slow paced drizzle will kiss your car’s window pane. When it comes to natural beauty, nothing can beat Shillong, which is popularly known as the “Scotland of the East”. As the rain water fills up pockets of the valley it forms a blue carpet. After the rains as the sunshine peeps through again you can look forward to seeing beautiful giant-size rainbows.


4. Mesmerizing Munnar



Also known as the “Tea Country”, Munnar is an ideal monsoon gateway. Waterfalls, sparkling rivers, lush green environs and misty mornings, set Munnar apart from other hill-stations. As you drive down the curved roads you can soak in the breathtaking view of the tea plantations. Watch the low lying monsoon clouds engulf the hills and slopes in a white blanket. Accommodation is not a worry in Munnar as it has several resorts and hotels. In the rainy season, you can look forward to low tariffs too.

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Make the best of the monsoon this year as you plan a trip to one of the exotic locations discussed above. An unforgettable honeymoon will always be a happy memory to look back upon.

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